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The first hike of this year

Have you already enjoyed hiking this new year?
We enjoyed a unique event of hiking and visiting seven temples yesterday.
At first, we visited Fushimi-inari-taisha Shrine to pray our fortune of the new year. And then went up on Mt. Inari which is famous for thousand of red Shinto gates.


We realized old Japanese people had been thinking there was God on the mountain when we saw a lot of Shinto decoration on every place there.
There were also countless fox ornaments (decoration? statue?) there! We found one fox with a unique pose.


After having lunch on Mt. Inari, we followed the route of Kyoto Circuit Trail to Sennyu-ji Temple. It was easy hike.
The annual event for visiting seven Gods called “Shichifukujin-meguri was held at Sennyu-ji yesterday. People visited each temple to pray for their fortune of the year and got each decoration with image of God. We followed this tradition and brought it to our home or office. May this year is happy!


Sennyu-ji Temple 9:00-16:30, admission is ¥500.
(Unryu-in Temple, the sub-temple of Sennyu-ji is recommended! Visitors can try an experience transcribing a Buddhist sutra.

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