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GTK would like to introduce the real Kyoto life by GTK bloggers. Some of them migrated from their countries
to Kyoto, and want to share how to enjoy the Kyoto life. These blogs are quite useful for visiting Kyoto, and also
for people who hope to live in Japan.

My first stuff of this year

A Happy New year, green folk!!

Did you enjoy new year’s days?
In Japan, very different atmosphere from other countries, people stay these days very quietly and visit to shrines to pray for a healthy year of the family.

As for me, there are two places where I always go at the beginning of the year.
This is the most famous mountain in Kyoto, Mt.Daimonji.

It’s easy to climb, so nice to get fit. (altitude: 460m)
I enjoyed a beautiful view of the city and a cup of coffee with sweet at the 大 point of the mountain. (330m)


For access to Mt. Daimonji, see this GTK page:

And one more place to go annually is Kyoto Horse Race Course. (京都競馬場)
On every 5th of January, there is one race called “kinpai” (gold race)
(Please let me excuse that what I love is horse, not betting!)
Horse fan can enjoy not only the races but also mini horse-riding (free). This is my favorite stuff on this day.


There are food court, restaurants, horse race classrooms for beginners, play ground for kids etc. there.
Did I win the races this time? Some were won, some were failed.
I don’t say the race is not fun! If I won or got money, I would be happy, of course!!! But, not NO.1!!

Kyoto Race Course:

I hope I get close to nature more this year and do something for which people realize that there is much fun on the mountain in Kyoto.


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