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Good bye 2011!

This year will end a few days more. 2011, in Japan, started from the news of the big earthquake and tsunami in March, the beginning of spring.
It broke Japanese people, just we were sad,sad,just sad..
I thought what I can do, have to do and how I can help Tohoku. I decided to keep everyday’s work and strong feeling and smile. And also I thought I have to work hard and keep Japanese economy as a people living in the west of Japan.
At the same time, I realized strongly that we, people living in earth, have to respect nature and live together. We have to think again of how we live.
If we want to know about nature, it would be the best way to go in nature. Hike on mountain, listen to the sounds of breeze, smell the seasonal plants and touch the earth. To know the current condition and some problems nature has leads us to the right way of living.

I and Green Tour Kyoto will offer you the good opportunity to enjoy nature in 2012, too. Some will be to protect trees and collect rubbish, some will be for how to cook with only simple tools and food (how to survive in nature), of course some will be to just enjoy walking!
We hope you will join us and share peace under the blue sky in new year.

GTK appreciates your love and supports.


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