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Uchiwa workshop & Dress up Yukata

Have you ever worn a yukata? This is a casual summer dress in Japan. The fan of which the couple are having (photo above) is called uchiwa, which is cool, eco-friendly, fashionable summer fan. Yukata together with uchiwa is the symbolic summer dress.

journal Kyoto offers you the event as the workshop of uchiwa painting and dressing up yukata in the middle of Gion-Matsuri Festival. This is a good chance to have yukata and uchiwa, and to share the cultural evening with Japanese people and other travelers.

Date : July 14th Wednesday 15:30~18:00
Venue : The Kyoto Artisan Workshop (see the map below)
30m north from the corner of Nishiki St. and Sakaimachi St. (3 min walk from Nishiki Food Market)
Price : ¥8,500 including the purchase price of yukata, obi sash and Japanese geta
Reservation : or tel 075-212-0882
(please let us know your sex and height.)

7/14 の宵々々山の夕方に、journal Kyoto 主催で楽しいイベントを開催します。京うちわの絵付けと浴衣の着付け(新品の浴衣の購入代金も込みです、すっごくリーズナブル!)のイベントですよ。一番の上のモデル達が持ってる写真のように自分の名前を描いてもよし!和柄の絵をステンシルしても良し!オリジナルのうちわが出来上がった後は、たくさんの種類の中から好きな色や柄を選んで浴衣を着ます(もちろん着付けの人が気付けてくれます)そのまま祇園祭に繰り出しましょう。場所は錦市場からすぐ! もちろん日本人の方も大歓迎!楽しい国際交流を!!

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