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Kabuki appreciation Class

  • March 19-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto

Have you ever seen kabuki before?

It ‘s very difficult to understand the story.

The perfect kabuki for the kabuki beginners is on now at Minamiza Theater located downtown Kyoto.

It is composed 2 parts; the first one is interpretative performance by a traditional comic story teller, the second part is a kabuki drama as a popular and easier kabuki number.

You can enjoy all aspects of kabuki.

Kabuki-kansho-kyoshitsu (歌舞伎鑑賞教室)

2 performances a day.

Feb.10th-14th 11:00~& 14:30~ ¥2000 (all no reserve seat)

Minamiza Theater 075-561-1155

On the corner of Shijo and Kawabata St.

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