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Japanese kite

  • March 19-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto

Tako kite sounds like a kind of nostalgia. I remember I’ve ever become to the champion at the kite flying game in my elementary school.

The long time has passed !

I bought very Japanese style kite with a kabuki face for my son.

We tried to fly it at the Kamogawa river bank. Some other kids were flying their kites. They were flying powerfully in the blue sky. How about ours ?

..Our kabuki kite seemed to be tired or dull. I used to be a champion ! Why..?

We tried to fly it many times, and then kabuki face tore. My 5 year son was upset and cried.

Suddenly the airplane of JAL flew trough my mind.

JAL, this is the company which I spent and flew together for the air crew in my twenties.

The time has passed…

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