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TUTANKHAMUN and the golden age of the Pharaohs


I went to The Tenpozan Gallery to meet one famous pharaoh of 3300 years ago.
The exposition of King Tutankhamun and his family starts today until June 3rd in Osaka. Fortunately I was invited as a journalist yesterday before opening of today. There were a lot of journalists and cameramen in the dark room where many Egyptian treasures were displayed.


Treasures such as the statues with motif of king, gold swords with beautiful jewels and of course jewelries in which were stored with kings’ coffins are shown in front of visitors. I really surprised the luxurious lives of kings about 3000 years ago and the elaborate skills also about 3000 years ago!!
And some television set somewhere show the video of Valley of the Kings in Luxor, the scene of discovery of King Tut grave in 1922 etc. It makes us to want to go to Egypt!


I remember I made an original neckless with my name of old Egyptian style when I went to Egypt about 15 years ago.
I put it in the pocket of my jacket yesterday. I thought It may happen something mystery..
I have no idea whether some happened then, but I cried a little when I entered the exhibition room!
Is it happened something!?


Official web page :
Tickets : Adult ¥2500 (Mon-Fri) ¥2800 (Sat, Sun & Holiday) Advanced: ¥2300

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