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Typhoon Attack!!!


Today the weather is pretty nice.
This is a usual situation as after typhoon is gone. Typhoons are sometimes pleased because people know a nice autumn weather comes after them.

But last typhoon was horrible as we could say it was unexpected, the first time, very special, once 100 years etc.
Kyoto City is, I think, no! I thought, the place where the disaster is comparatively few. No big earthquake, no tsunami of course, no water damage and no big typhoon ever! So I was really surprised and shocked to see the scene of storming rivers in Kyoto on TV. I couldn’t believe soon that it was real.

Katsura River in Arashiyama, very popular place for sightseeing in west part of Kyoto.

Kamo River near my house, east part of Kyoto. My house was fine.. Oh.. scary ..

Peaceful sunshine came back about a few hours later after typhoon was gone.
This is the tree-lined street beside of the Palace. I looked at lots of branches had fallen, but not too much marks of disaster.

Lots of houses, ryokan, shops had located beside of the Katsura River were partly flooded and many people were been evacuated in some safe places.
I’m very sorry to hear these bad news and the same time, I appreciate my family and my house were safe actually.

Another disaster may attack to Japan in near future again. Of course I never hope so.
But I guess that Mother Nature may angry us or teach us to live humbly… How do you feel about it?

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