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Walk on leave’s mat


Winter suddenly comes at the end of November every year. As usual, I left the house wearing a long coat this morning.
On last Sunday, I enjoyed walking on Mt. Hiei, located on the northern and eastern part of Kyoto and one of the highest mountain in Kyoto.
I followed the route of the Kyoto Circuit Trail, so it was easy and enough to safe to take my son.


The view from the mountain was amazing!! The small village, actually no idea of its name, was surrounding by mountains with mixed colors, yellow, orange, green, brown etc.
It was the second hike here for me. But the scenery from the mountain was quite different! Season definitely changes even if the globe is warming, the air is getting polluted, the radiation is great!


I stopped by Enryaku-ji Temple on the route. It was crowded with many tourists because of the high season in fall.
Hikers can take a break here to visit some sub-temples or have lunch. This is not only a sacred place but also a nice place for the tourists! I have no idea if you like it though. I could say Mt.Koya (Koya-san in Wakayama Pref.) is more sacred..

After enjoying the temple visiting, I decided to go down the mountain by walk on the trail.
It was much more tough than I thought. I was really surprised to see the group with people who went down by BICYCLE!? The trail was steep and tough!!
One more thing I was surprised was my son went down as if he JUMPED and RUN!? I did very carefully not to slip or be injury. I often said “WAIT!!!!!! WAAAAAAIT!!!”.
.. Oh, boy is amazing..


Nice Sunday anyway!!

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