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Kyoto State Guest House

One of my highlights in this summer is that I visited Kyoto State Guest House, located on the northeast part of Kyoto Imperial Palace Ground.
Only the People who are luckily chosen from the applicants can enter the building. It was the second challenge for me. I wanted to see the brilliant skill by Japanese artists and craftsmen and sophisticated architecture.

The entrance

Pond garden from the meeting room

Japanese garden from the banquet room

Special meeting room for leaders of the State

The crest with “Goshichi-no-kiri” as a symbol of a ruler (This crest shape decoration is used to hide a nail on the pillar)

“Kirikane” -Cut Gold Leafing technique designed by the late Eri Sayoko who awarded Living National Treasure.

And,, the most amazing technique with Black lacquer on one big plate of Japanese cider for a dining table.

I proudly realized that Japanese art is so elaborate and sophisticated. We have to convey them to next generation and keep using them in home from the cutlery to interior decoration. They must be more worthy than just to see.
They are very expensive tough..

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