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Japanese garden in Paris

  • June 18-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto

Take a look the photo left!
This is a Japanese garden in Paris which my French friend’s brother made by himself.
It is almost a real Japanese one, I think. When I went to the Chelsea Flower Show in London about 10 years ago, the displayed some “Japanese garden” are actually, to tell the truth, completely different from the real one. They designed symmetry, used the red colored materials which were generally shown in China.
Japanese garden in Europe is supposed to have been improved and developed. I heard that the professional Japanese gardeners go to Europe to make a Japanese garden by the request of some big companies or hotels in Europe. They are happy to do to spread an exterior culture of Japan.

My friend’s brother made a rotenburo outdoor bath in his Japanese garden.
Wao.. he is great! This rotenburo is like a small bath of Kurama onsen in Kyoto!
Japanese otaku such like him is called “Tatamise” in Paris.
I don’t think Japanese garden is the best of all the world. I really like a mixed typed garden, Europe and Japanese. The Japanese furniture in the English garden looks cool, and the scene the Western and Japanese plants line is so exotic. I am still a private gardener in my tiny veranda garden, but I want to spend a whole day as both a professional and private gardener…it’s my dream…



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