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Queen of sakura

  • April 10-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto
I was invited the hanami party at Maruyama park, in the eastern side of Gion, yesterday.
This is the most popular park where Japanese people held the hanami party.
I don’t like this place very much because it’s too crowded and too touristy.
And one more reason I have is that I don’t want to see the weak queen of sakura, photo above.
When I saw her yesterday, it looked really..really sad.
She used to be a glorious queen when I was a collage student.
Of course she has been aged, but I don’t think it is only a reason that she has declined.
Waao.. look at her shape at night!
She is still gorgeous.
I realized that she has been living for human beings.
People enjoy a party under the queen.
Does she feel her life was happy or not?
I imagine she feels so sleepy at night time.


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