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Hakata weekend!

Last weekend, I stayed in “Hakata” Fukuoka where my parents are living. This trip was a little serious, to have the second opinion for the disease of my dad.

If you have some complaints or worries about your hospital, you should go other hospital to listen to the opinion of other doctor. It sometimes has a big gap between their opinions. Or you might be released from unnecessary worry. It’s important that patients choose the way of treatment and the doctor.

However this stay was not only serious! I enjoyed shopping at the central area of Fukuoka city called Tenjin. I found an unusual scene of which some shop staff or station staff were wearing same red jackets. And Fukuoka people were absorbed in watching a big screen of baseball game. Right! The local team in Fukuoka, The Softbank Hawks was playing the final game!

When I bought a return ticket at Hakata Station, I laughed to see that all staff was wearing the red jacket with the name of Hawks!

It was fun!!

This is a famous “Hakata” Ramen before taking Shinkansen. It was yummy!!! I could forget a bit of my serious situation!


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