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Want to be the kimono model?

Kimono model1

Kimono model2

Kimono model3

I was busy today from early morning.

I coordinated the kimono models for the leaflet of one shop which offers the rental kimono for foreign visitors. I chose a pair of beautiful person (!).

They wore two kimonos and 1 yukata summer kimono. Their kimonos look chic and sophisticated! What a nice coordination this shop offered!!

There are a lot of shops for rental kimono in Kyoto. However almost are too showy or a little cheap, I think.

I really recommend this shop “Kyoto Kimono Rental 41” when you want to try wearing kimono. Its place is located in the central downtown and its charge is surprisingly reasonable.

And I sometimes do this kind of job “model coordination”. If  you want to try to be the model, feel free to email me. It must be interesting and a good opportunity.

Kyoto Kimono Rental 41

West of Takashimaya department store on the southwest corner of Shijo St. and Kawaramachi St. in downtown Kyoto.

Tel : 075-255-6139

Charge :  For women  ¥4725 for all, For men  ¥5250 for all!

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