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Stay and report! First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma

First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma1

First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma2

These photo are the guest rooms of First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma, located in the heart of downtown Kyoto.

I introduced this accommodation in my blog before, but this time, one male reporter who stay one night here and report it on his blog or website is required!

First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma is one of the accommodation called “Capsule Hotel”, which is originally for the business men and just a place to sleep. Actually it’s not said to very popular. However FBKK changed and made the image to clean, interesting and comfortable, kind like a first class cabin of airplane.

The reporter can choose the date except weekends and stay for free of charge. After staying, you write the text with some photos.

If you interested in it, please contact journal Kyoto office :  or  075-212-0882

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