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Art! Art! Art!!!

I enjoyed the first day of ART KYOTO 2012 at Kyoto International Conference Center.
Lots of gallery from Kyoto, Tokyo and korea are exhibiting their collection and sale them. When we visit unfamiliar place and want to see art, it always be difficult to find a good gallery or nice exhibition. Or when we move to another gallery, we have to take a bus or subway especially in Kyoto.
So it would be a wonderful art event that you can see a lot of art works at one, at least two, places.



I came to there with Sae and John. John, the editor of KYOTO JOURNAL, was absorbed in strolling between the galleries. We really enjoyed it and strongly recommend you go.
The fair is two more days until 29th, Sunday. I’ll try going to Hotel Monterey (another venue of ART KYOTO) tomorrow. Don’t miss this chance!!

ART KYOTO 2012 Official page:

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