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KAKEJIKU wonderland!

  • April 29-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto

You may see these kakejiku, hanging scrolls, at the museum of Japanese arts and some temples in Kyoto. These interior items are usually decorated over the Toko-no-ma alcove. Japanese calligraphy or paintings are attached on the base of kakejiku.
Do you think the calligraphy (photo above) is the Japanese one? Its calligraphy is written in English; SENSITIVITY !
What a unique idea! Who made these kakejiku is the French artist, Hélène ARGELLIES.
I met her at her exhibition yesterday. It was the last day of the exhibition at Honen-in Temple.
I really like the perfect balance of her works; the accuracy of kakejiku base and the unique idea.

The cute kakejiku of photo above are made by kids. These are like their diary of the homework in summer vacation! She hopes holding the workshop of kakejiku for the kids and their parents. I have a plan it with her in near future.

” かけじくのハウス”
This Japanese memo is about the kakejiku information center she is planing.
The information about how to make kakejiku, its history, tools, shops, gallery etc. will be provided here.
For more information, see this website.


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