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Kyoto dolls shop

  • April 24-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto

Have you ever seen the Japanese dolls like the photo above?
They are sophisticated and look pretty cute.
I’d like to introduce one specialty shop of the Japanese dolls, Ando-Ningyo-ten, about 15 min-walk from the Imperial palace.
One couple travelers from U.S came to my office to ask about something Kyoto, especially they asked about Japanese art because they love any Japanese art.
They hoped to see the scene of which the Japanese dolls were manufactured, so I took them to this doll shop.
They enjoyed the display of the traditional helmet for cerebration of the boys’ day in May and the beautiful hina dolls for the girls’ day in March.

The photo above is the impressive scene actually.
Paul (rught) had been finding one person who the master of the Japanese doll crafting, but he didn’t find him. This is their last travel to Japan about 3 years ago.
He finally found the master at this time! This is definitely accident. Of course I didn’t know this person. This master is the second generation of Ando-ningyo-ten shop, and still active.(he is 86 years old.)

Paul’s wife enjoyed seeing the process in making the dolls.


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