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Hasegawa Tohaku Exhibition

  • April 22-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Art,Kyoto

I went to Kyoto National Museum to appreciate Hasegawa Tohaku Exbition yesterday.
He is a famous painter in the 17th century, whose works such as the sliding door paintings, the hanging scroll paintings etc. was loved by the then shogun and a famous tea master, Sen-no Rikyu.
The photo above is his sliding door painting, National Treasure, which is usually exhibited in Chishakuin Temple, located to the east of Kyoto National Museum.
The huge collection of Tohaku works are exhibiting until May 9th.
The ink painting expressed the pine trees, exhibited at the last corner of the museum is a must-see work.

Please note that you may wait for entering!
Actually I waited for about 100 minutes yesterday. The afternoon over 3pm is better to visit.
Hasegawa Tohaku Exhibition: 400th Memorial Retrospective
April 10th ~ May 9th 9:30-18:00 ( ~ 20:30 on Friday) ¥1400
A few free tickets for the jk readers are available at c.coquet-Tourist Information-.

しかし,昨日は待ちました、100分程! 展覧会に並んだのは久しぶりですね。お天気が良かったので、待ち時間もまー楽しかったですが、4時頃がいいようですよ、30分以内で入れるようです。

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