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Mt. Daimonji


Tomorrow, August 16th, is Gozan-no-okuribi the highlight event in August. For the tips on how to enjoy this event, please check GTK friend’s blog.

Have you ever climbed Mt. Daimonji? There are some routes to the top such as from Ginkaku-ji Temple, from Mt. Higashiyama and from the Yamashina area.

The easiest route is from Ginkaku-ji, which route is well-maintained and so suits for all generation. It takes about 1 hour to the top of mountain.

I tried climbing from Higashiyama, which is one of “Kyoto Circuit Trail” routes. It was a little difficult mountain trail for me. But I enjoyed trekking while listening to a natural sound, smelling a wet leaves and looking at a thousand of fern green. If you have a plan of hiking Mt. Daimonji, please check the GTK report.

But please be attention! You can’t climb Mt.Daimonji tomorrow, 16th. Instead of climbing, you can leave a Gomaki special talisman (¥300) with your name and wish on the foot of Mt. Daimonji (in from of Ginkaku-ji Temple).  These talismans are burned at Dai Chinese character.

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