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GTK would like to introduce the real Kyoto life by GTK bloggers. Some of them migrated from their countries
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English Haiku Class

  • April 1-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto



(Tito, in Uji, 2.5.09)

講師 スティーヴン・ギル(ティートー)英国俳句協会会員 ヘイルストーン代表 翻訳家

Facilitator: Stephen Gill (Tito) British Haiku Society, BBC Radio Scriptwriter, Translator.

春期 ① 48日 ② 513日 ③ 610日  78

18:15 – 19:45 (2nd. Thursdays, 2010)

場所 フレンドピースハウス寺町西側今出川南250m(京都御苑東隣梨木神社北)

Friend Peace House, Kyoto (Meiji-style building 250m S of Imadegawa via old gate to W or new gate to E; equidistant from Keihan Demachiyanagi and Subway Imadegawa)

参加費 1回 \2,000 (per class; students \1,000) 4回前納 \7,000 (for 4 classes, in advance)

対象者 俳句・川柳・短歌・英語に興味のある方。初心者も歓迎。Native speakers and non-native speakers, all are welcome!

INFO お申し込み、お問合せ


TEL/FAX Keiko Yurugi (after 8 pm)

Hailstone Haiku Circle ‘Hibikiai Forum’

Five minutes picking tea –

The faces of people,

So tender and kind.

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