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for people who hope to live in Japan.

Hiking report -Mt.Tenno(天王山)

This spring, especially these few weeks, has much rain. The plants in my garden looks not well due to luck of sunshine. I worried about the weather of the hiking last Sunday.
But!!! fortunately the weather was perfect to enjoy hiking yesterday. So our event was carried out on schedule.

We started the tour from Nagaoka-tenjin Station on Hankyu line and took the city bus to the foot of the mountain. Mt. Tenno is located between on Kyoto and Osaka, famous for the tunnel under the mountain on the highway. The attitude is not high, about 300m, so easy level for trekking.
The mountains in the west part of Kyoto are covered by many bamboo trees, so we saw some booths selling bamboo shoots on the way to the summit.
We stopped by Yanagidani-kannon on the middle of the mountain. We prayed for a safe hiking in front of a big red lantern in the temple.

When we arrived at the summit of the mountain, We were already hungry hungry!! We immediately started cooking for our lunch. The menu was beautiful salad, beef stew and desert. GTK members are all good cook!
I was surprised to see one member ground the coffee beans, so his coffee was so tasty! He had many special stuffs especially tolls on the mountain. I decided to get a coffee drip for mountain cooking!

We’d like to recommend you this hiking route especially if you’re a beginner for trekking. The route is easy and maintained for hikers. The summit is nice for a rest and eating meals. (no kite like on Mt.Daimonji)

GTK’s next event will be planed before this summer. Anybody who love nature and walking are welcome!

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