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Momiji carpet


I visit Koto-in Temple (高桐院) which is the sub temple of Daitoku-ji Temple (大徳寺) last weekend.
The reason to choose this temple was that Koto-in is well-know as a beautiful carpet with fallen red momiji maple leaves. Actually the best season to see momiji was almost finished at the end of the month. So I chose to see the fallen ones.


Of course not only on the earth but also on the roof of the temple gate is the best place to take picture the fallen momiji, too.
It was especially shined and beautiful due to rain. My choice was right!!

Daitoku-ji is famous for the temple related to the way of tea. On the gound of this temple, there is the grave of Sen-no-rikyu who was the author of the way of tea in the 16th century. Some of sub temples of Daitoki-ji have the sophisticated small garden and open them to public. These gardens express the spirit of zen and the way of tea in their small spaces.

After seeing them, I’d recommend to call at Imamiya Shrine located just back of Daitoku-ji.
There are two tea & unique dumpling shops at the entrance of this shrine. We can take a tea break there.
The photo below is a famous dumpling of these shops called “aburi-mochi”. 15 petit dumpling with miso taste is for one person.(¥500)


This is the way I enjoy the end of autumn before snow in Kyoto. So nice!!

Daitoku-ji Temple’s map:

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