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Snow, snow, snow..


Kyotoities were very excited to see a snow world when they woke up yesterday.
The photo above is the Kamo River of which Kyotoities love. The river bank shaped like a head of train transformed into a real Shinkansen! I wanted to take photos of mountains which surround Kyoto City, but, unfortunately, they were covered by a snowstorm.
After passing river, I visited Kennin-ji Temple, located in central downtown Kyoto. As I imagined, the zen garden of the temple was amazingly beautiful!


White snow let a simple brown garden without any leaves in winter so bright and sacred. I love the temple’s site with snow. Especially Kinkaku-ji (golden temple) and Ginkaku-ji (silver temple) are awesome!
I’d like to recommend that you come to Kyoto not only in spring with sakura but also in winter.

Kennin-ji Temple

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