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Illuminated Zen garden

This time, I want to introduce a nice event during Japanese so-called Golden week in May.
The event “akari no wa” will feature the special opening of a temple garden illuminated by a lighting designer, Taketoshi Harada and some art exhibition as well as a music live.
You can enjoy art and music at Zen temple in fresh leaves season.
(GTK held the event of a hiking and visiting Ikku-ji last month. Please see the blog about the hiking and temple photos of day time on the previous blog:

akari no wa on May 4th – 7th
Illumination event of temple garden: 17:30-21:00, 1000 yen
Art exhibition: 9:00-17:00, 500 yen
Music live by Kissako: May 3rd, 3,500 yen for advance ticket

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