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Godairiki-san Event




I stopped by  Shogoin-Monzeki Temple this morning. The town around the temple looked different from usual. It looked crowded and the booths of  the Yatsuhashi Japanese sweets lined. Junteido Temple, one of the sub-temples of Shogoin-Monzeki has an annual event called Godairiki-san  which is worship for five bosatsu Buddha statues on February 23rd.

You can see a little different costume from the usual monk’s one at this temple. The costumed people are called Yamabushi, who walk, walk and strive for training in the mountain. This is one of the Buddhism training. They usually dangle the triton from their waist. Shogoin-Monzeki Temple is the head temple of Yamabushi worship.

On this day, free kasujiru miso soup with sake is served. You can enjoy an unique winter event and be warm up!

Shogoin-Monzeki Temple : 3 minutes walk from the northeast corner of Higashioji Street and Marutamachi Street.

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