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Today’s lunch

  • March 19-2010
  • Chikako Takemoto
  • Kyoto

How do you feel about it ?

This image is appetizing or not ? I know the foreigners don’t like eating a whole fish, actually appearing its head.

I chose sanma-teishoku roasted saury lunch because I felt my brain was so tired after the heavy computer works. Sanma contains much DHA, is low calorie, and of course is tasted !

Today’s lunch was with vegetable dish, miso soup, rice and pickles. It was 800 yen.

The person who was sitting next me had Oden set lunch. It looked delicious !

I might order it next time.

When you stay in Kyoto city, I recommend Watatsune local restaurant.

The chef can speak English and Spanish, and helps you to enjoy Kyoto.

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