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Summer fun in river



Are you finding some good places where you enjoy swimming in the river in Kyoto city?

The Yase area, northeastern part of Kyoto city, is a perfect spot, takes about 15 min ride from Demachi-yanagi Station.

After getting off at Yase-yuen Station and going down the stairs, a beautiful natural scene with green leaves and upper clear river suddenly appears!

City and nature is close, this is the best aspect which Kyoto is proud of.



The Takano River in the Yase area is not deep, so there is a lot of kid’s pretty group there.

You can bring the tools for cooking and table sets.

Of course I enjoyed the outdoor yummy afternoon with family and friends.

Please obey the rule that clean there after playing, and bring your garbage to home. Keep clean the nature in Kyoto, our treasure!

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