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Happy wedding!!



Omedeto~~!!! Bon mariage!!

Today I saw the happiest couple, Simon&Yumiko, in the world at Shimogamo Shrine. It was no rain and wind though typhoon was coming soon!

God blessed them!! It’s a really happy wedding.

Simon wearing kimono is so cool! He is really nice!!



Oh~~Yumiko is so kirei and kawaii!! How beautiful!

This kimono and hair arrangement are of a traditional Japanese bride. Bride wig is very  Japanese wedding is hard work for the bride.

I think recently the Japanese wedding by foreign couple is increasing especially in Kyoto. Does it look cool?

The Shinto style wedding is done very solemnly. (Actually I haven’t ever done this style!)

If I should have a chance to marry again, I would choose this traditional style (!!!!!!!!!)

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