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Puppet horror show!

marionette show

Can you sleep well in such hot nights?
I’d like to introduce a good idea which make you cool! During obon holidays in Japan, August 12th~16th, ghosts said to come back this world.
Don’t you hear some strange sound or feel some unusual sign? They seem to be by ghost!

August 14th & 15th at 14:00~ and 19:00~, the Japanese ghosts will appear in front of you.
But don’t worry! They are the puppet! The Marionette puppet show with Japanese ghost story will held at Atelier Minomushi in central Kyoto.(¥1000)
View Atelier Minomushi in a larger map. 
You can see an elaborate and skillful marionette show, and will shiver with the horror story.

Reservation : Atelier Minomushi  075-200-8261 or email

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