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This month's events

The temples and shrines in Kyoto have been keeping their rituals and events from the olden days.
They are traditional, sacred and a pleasant experience. We'd like to introduce them every month.
They are worth to visit during your stay.

May 2013 Highlight events in Kyoto

May 17th


Mifune Festival

People in Imperial costumes on boats play court music, […]


May 3rd


Yabusame-shinji Ritual

Movie: This is a powerful ceremony to purify the route […]


May 4th


Saio-dai Misogi Ritual

Saio was a selected woman who served god in ancient tim […]


May 12th


Mikage matsuri Ritual

An elegant Japanse dance and music are performed in the […]


Other events in May

May 1st ~ 4th


Shinsenen Kyogen

This is a unique kind of kyogen, which performers wear […]


Events Schedule

Flea Markets

  • Every 4th Sunday
  • Kamigamo Shrine
  • Handicraft market in peaceful and quiet grounds of the shrine.
  • Every 15th
  • Chion-ji Temple
  • 8:00-16:00
  • Kyoto's biggest monthly market of handmade goods and crafts.
  • Every 21st
  • To-ji Temple
  • 7:00-16:30
  • Known as Kobo-san, Kyoto's largest market for all kinds of antiques, tools and so on.
  • Every 25th
  • Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
  • 7:00-16:30
  • Known as Tenjin-san, a popular flea market at one of Kyoto's major shrines. Antiques, food, tools and so on.

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