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This month's events

The temples and shrines in Kyoto have been keeping their rituals and events from the olden days.
They are traditional, sacred and a pleasant experience. We'd like to introduce them every month.
They are worth to visit during your stay.

January 2012 Highlight events in Kyoto

Column -text by Steve Cooke

Looking in on Japanese New Year

“Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu”! If there is one phrase to become familiar with over the Japanese […]


January 3rd

Karuta-hajime Event

This is the annual event of New Year which women dressed in the Heian period court costumes play a traditional […]


January 4th

Kemari-hajime Event

You can see the old style football game performed by men in court costumes at the shrine ground. The ball is m […]


January 8th ~ 12nd

Toka-Ebisu Festival

The god of business is enshrined at this shrine. Many people who hope to do good business in the new year come […]


January 9th

Shichifukujin-meguri Event

This is a lucky tour of the New Year to visit seven Gods at this temple and sub temples. You can get a unique […]


January 15th

Kyudo Archery Competition

This is the annual New Year’s ceremony of this temple which is famous for 1001 Buddha statues standing i […]


Events Schedule

Flea Markets

  • Every 4th Sunday
  • Kamigamo Shrine
  • Handicraft market in peaceful and quiet grounds of the shrine.
  • Every 15th
  • Chion-ji Temple
  • 8:00-16:00
  • Kyoto's biggest monthly market of handmade goods and crafts.
  • Every 21st
  • To-ji Temple
  • 7:00-16:30
  • Known as Kobo-san, Kyoto's largest market for all kinds of antiques, tools and so on.
  • Every 25th
  • Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
  • 7:00-16:30
  • Known as Tenjin-san, a popular flea market at one of Kyoto's major shrines. Antiques, food, tools and so on.

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