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Arts & Performances

Kyoto is a birth place of traditional arts, crafts and performances of Japan, and has been maintaining its tradition with the
coming of the new age. Here GTK'd like to introduce the monthly art highlights, museums, creators etc.

Highlights of April 2012 Art

Miyako-odori Performance

Not only cherry blossoms but also the performance by maiko and geiko is a spring symbol in Kyoto. You can enjo […]


The Spring Exhibition of Netsuke Art

Netsuke are special accessories for pilcases or tobacco pouches which are hung from obi sash of kimono. These […]


Eshi 100 – Contemporary Japanese Illustration in Kyoto

Copyright : Keg 「龍の住む聖域」ⓒ 産經新聞社 / KeG Eshi was the name of an artist of Ukiyo-e, wood-block printings in the E […]


Kabuki Appreciation Class

Copyright : 平成20年歌舞伎鑑賞教室「英執着獅子」より This is an annual kabuki performance in spring, which would be perfect if yo […]


The Efflorescence of Heian Court Culture -Treasures from the Yomei Bunko Collection

Copyright : 賀茂祭(部分)陽明文庫 京都国立博物館 This time special exhibition will feature the masterworks including eight Nati […]



This is the third time art fair held in Kyoto. The main venue is Kyoto International Conference Center, well-k […]


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