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Arts & Performances

Kyoto is a birth place of traditional arts, crafts and performances of Japan, and has been maintaining its tradition with the
coming of the new age. Here GTK'd like to introduce the monthly art highlights, museums, creators etc.

Highlights of September 2011 Art

Returning Home:EDO paintings from THE GITTER-YELEN COLLECTION

Copyright : 伊藤若冲筆/無染浄善賛 「達磨」 This is the exhibition of Japanese paintings from the Edo era of which Dr. Gitter […]


ATAE Yuki Doll Exhibition

Copyright : shyness 2010 This is a unique doll exhibition with motifs of children in the beginning of the Show […]


Elliott Erwitt Photo Exhibition

Copyright : Paris,-France-1989 何必館・京都現代美術館蔵 This is an exhibition of 60 photos by Elliott Erwitt, born in 1928 […]


The 110th anniversary of the birth of OGUISS Takanori Exhibition

Copyright : パリ「広告のある街角」1937年 Ogisu Takanori (1901-1986) was a painter known as “the Parisien born in Jap […]


Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Art

Copyright : PIERRE-AUGUST RENOIR, Pont Neuf, Paris 1872, National Gallery of Art, Washington / Ailsa Mellon Br […]


Kamigyo Takigi-noh

This is an annual outdoor noh performance at this shrine. Professional noh and kyogen performers will show the […]


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