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This month's plans

"This month's plans" offers you some ideas to visit and feel at peace during your stay as well as enjoy seasonal events in Kyoto. They are mostly in outdoor, including some mountains, so that you can enjoy a green and healthy stay and save money as well!

December 31st (thu)

Joya-no-kane Event

You may hear the sound of bells ringing for about 15 minutes before midnight at new year. This is called “Joya-no-kane”. The priest of temples ring the bell 108 times before starting the new year to said to clear the person’s 108 worldly desires of this year. You can join this event at some temples below.

Gion area : Kennin-ji, Choraku-ji, Koudai-ji etc.
Kyoto Station area : Tofuku-ji, Chishakuin etc.
Arashiyama area : Tenru-ji, Daikaku-ji , Jojyakko-ji etc.

  • 23:45~
  • Chion-in Temple
  • Free

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