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This month's plans

"This month's plans" offers you some ideas to visit and feel at peace during your stay as well as enjoy seasonal events in Kyoto. They are mostly in outdoor, including some mountains, so that visitors can enjoy a green and healthy stay and save money as well!

July 1st (Sun) ~ 31st (Tue)
Gion Matsuri Festival

Gion-Matsuri Festival is a festival of Yasaka Shrine located in eastern Gion, which started in the 9th century. It was originally held to drive away the evil spirits.


February 25th, Thursday

Plum Festival

The plum festival is held to commemorate the death of Sugawara-no-Michizane who is enshrined at this shrine. M […]


January 1st (thu) ~ 3rd Sat)

New Year’s Holidays

Three days during New Year’s holidays are the most important and special days for Japanese people. Peopl […]


January 3rd (sun)

Karuta-hajime Festival

This is the annual event of New Year which women dressed in the Heian period court costumes play a traditional […]


January 4th (mon)

Kemari-hajime Festival

You can see the old style football game performed by men in court costumes at the shrine ground. The ball is m […]


January 8th (fri) ~12th (tue)

Hatsu-Ebisu Festival

The god of business is enshrined at this shrine. Many people who hope to do good business in the new year come […]


January 21st (thu) & 25th (mon)

“Hatsu-Kobo” & “Hatsu-Tenjin” -First market at temple and shrine of the year

This is the two first markets of the year which offer bigger scale shopping than usual with not only the antiq […]


December 25th (fri)

The last Tenjin-san Market of the year

This is the last antique market of the year called Shimai-tenjin at Kitano-tenmangu Shrine. Tenjin-san Market […]


December 5th (sat) & 6th (sun)

Daikondaki Radish Boiling

December 8th is the memorial day when the Buddha Shakamuni achieved enlightenment. On both days, radishes will […]


December 13th (sun) ~ 31st (thu)

Nenbutsu Dance Ritual at the end of the year

Nenbutsu, thinking of the Buddha, is a kind of chant incantation. It is performed everyday during the term. Fu […]


December 21st (mon)

The last Kobo-san Market of the year

This is the last antique market of the year held at Toji Temple. Kobo-san Market is the most popular market fo […]


Events Schedule

Flea Markets

  • Every 4th Sunday
  • Kamigamo Shrine
  • Handicraft market in peaceful and quiet grounds of the shrine.
  • Every 15th
  • Chion-ji Temple
  • 8:00-16:00
  • Kyoto's biggest monthly market of handmade goods and crafts.
  • Every 21st
  • To-ji Temple
  • 7:00-16:30
  • Known as Kobo-san, Kyoto's largest market for all kinds of antiques, tools and so on.
  • Every 25th
  • Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
  • 7:00-16:30
  • Known as Tenjin-san, a popular flea market at one of Kyoto's major shrines. Antiques, food, tools and so on.

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