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Kyoto is a birth place of traditional arts, crafts and performances of Japan,
and has been maintaining its tradition with the coming of the new age.
Here GTK'd like to introduce the monthly art highlights, museums, creators etc.

Zohiko Urushi Art from The Mitsui Memorial Museum

Copyright : 忍草蒔絵高坏 三井記念美術館蔵

The Mitsui Family, which is used to one of the zaibatsu in Japan, patronized the industrial arts in Kyoto in the Meiji era. The famous lacquer shop, Zohiko was also protected by The Mitsui and created the gorgeous gold lacquer called makie . This exhibition features Zohiko lacquer art and about 40 fine urushi art are displayed.

  • December 3rd ~ January 29th (2012)
  • Hosomi Museum
  • ¥1000

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