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This month's plans

"This month's plans" offers you some ideas to visit and feel at peace during your stay as well as enjoy seasonal events in Kyoto. They are mostly in outdoor, including some mountains, so that you can enjoy a green and healthy stay and save money as well!



GTK recommends a nice hiking route this month.
Mt.Kurama (鞍馬山) is located in the Sakyo Ward, northern part of Kyoto, and one of the highest mountains. (584m)
It is recognized as a sacred mountain, in which Yuki jinjya Shrine (由岐神社) and Kurama-dera Temple (鞍馬寺) on the way to the summit.

You can get there from Kurama Station on Eiden line, just a few minute-walk from the station.
The cable car is available to Tahoto Station in the middle of the mountain, but GTK recommends you to walk up on your own legs, of course. The car pass through Yuki jinjya Shrine, so you have to come back a little if you take a cable car.

Mt.Kurama is said to be the place where the 12th century warrior, Minamoto no Yoshitune was trained by Tengu, the imaginary creature with a long red nose. Thus, you can see some statues or souvenirs of Tengu on the mountain.

It takes about 1 hour to the summit, passing through Kurama-dera Temple. You can enjoy seeing many spots such as small temples, big cedar tree revered as a sacred tree on the route.

After taking a break at the summit, you can go down toward the Kifune area (貴船). There are Kifune jinjya Shrine enshrining the God of water and many restaurants over the river called Kawadoko (川床) in Kifune.

GTK introduces one restaurant Hirobun (ひろ文) serving a Japanese summer noodle, Somen (そうめん).
Here you can enjoy a unique style of somen lunch called Nagashi Somen (流しそうめん). The some noodles come flow in the bamboo tube so you have to pick them speedy! That’s fun!!

Nagashi Somen lunch at Hirobun: From May to September, ¥1300
(the webpage:

A paper fortune called omikuji at Kifune jinjya Shrine is also fun! Why don’t you try it!

If you want more information about Kifune Shrine and the Kifune area, please see a previous GTK blog:

The unique event at Kurama-dera Temple, “Takekirie Bamboo Cutting Ritual” will be held on June 20th. Two teams of four men dressed in priests’ costumes compete at cutting a length of a huge bamboo tree by sword.

  • ¥300 for entering Mt.Kurama

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