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This month's plans

"This month's plans" offers you some ideas to visit and feel at peace during your stay as well as enjoy seasonal events in Kyoto. They are mostly in outdoor, including some mountains, so that you can enjoy a green and healthy stay and save money as well!

February 2nd ~ 4th

Setsubun Ceremony

In the beginning of February, an annual traditional event called setsubun is held in several temples and shrines in Kyoto. It is the ceremony to drive away the demons which are said to appear when the seasons change.

February 2nd & 3rd
Shogoin Monzeki Temple
Bean-throwing, while chanting “Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi” (out with the demons, in with good luck). Start at 13:00 by demons and yamabushi(mountain ascetic). Sweet amazake is served.
Take Kyoto City bus no. 206, 201 and 203 and get off at Higashiyama-marutamachi bus stop.
Yasaka Shrine
Traditional performance by maiko and geiko will be held at 9:00. Sweet amazake is served. Take Kyoto City bus (Raku Bus 100) and get off at Gion.
Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
This shrine is famous for the thousands of red Shinto gates. The throwing beans event will be held at 9:00, 11:20 and 13:00.
Take JR line from Kyoto Station and get of at Fushimiinari Stn.

February 2nd~4th 
Yoshida Shrine
Some demons threaten the people with an exaggerated gesture. The climax of the event is the fire estival on the 3rd. night. The big fire will burn the old talismans and the people’s worldly desires. About 800 booths line the approach to the shrine’s gate on these two days, so you can enjoy both a traditional ritual and a festive atmosphere.
Take Kyoto City bus no. 206 and get off at Hyakumanben bus stop.
Mibu-dera Temple
The famous “Mibu-kyogen” which is a unique performance like a pantomime, but is very sacred, will be held eight times on both 2nd and 3rd. It starts at 13:00. Free charge. Take Kyoto City bus no.26 and get off at Mibuderamichi bus stop.

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