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Kaga Akae Exhibition -The Lure of Red and the Glitter of Gold

Copyright@ Honda Gen’emonⅡ, Large Dish with Design of Pine,Bamboo,Plum Trees,Cranes and Turtles.
Red Overglaze Enamel and Gold, Keisei Isogaya Museum

Copyright@ Dish with Design of Flowers in Hanazume Style. Overglaze Enamels and Raised Gold, Keisei Isogaya Museum

This is the exhibition of the gorgeous ceramics, Kaga Akae, one kind of Kutani ceramics in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Kaga Akae is the mixed technique of ceramics with red color from China and gold lacquuer from Kyoto in the end of Edo era. And the pattern is painted almost all of surface of the ceramics. It looks gorgeous and the elaborated skill is needed.
About 150 ceramics of Kaga Akae is collected from not only Ishikawa Pref. but also from overseas and being displayed.

  • January 6th ~ 21st, 10:00-20:00 everyday
  • Takashimaya Grand hall (7F of Takashimaya Department Store)
  • ¥800

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