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"This month's plans" offers you some ideas to visit and feel at peace during your stay as well as enjoy seasonal events in Kyoto. They are mostly in outdoor, including some mountains, so that you can enjoy a green and healthy stay and save money as well!

Cherry blossoms viewing walk

Cherry blossoms viewing walk

April in Kyoto is all about cherry blossoms, sakura in Japanese. From the end of March the town becomes to be pink and very very crowded with tourists.
(Please note that the sakura season is sometimes ahead or behind of regular timing. In 2017’s spring, it was almost one week behind the schedule, so many of the sakura events took place with yet-bloomed trees..)

Here is the best places to enjoy sakura in Kyoto, recommended by GTK Kyoto specialists.

Kamo River 鴨川 free of charge
Especially between Imadegawa area and Kyoto Botanical Garden or Kamigamo area are recommended. The botanical garden is also worth visiting to see cherry tree grove.



Kyoto Imperial Park 京都御苑 free of charge
North part of the park is cherry tree garden. They usually bloom from the end of March.
Like a big pink ball blossoms can be seen from the middle of April at the south part of the park. They are highly recommended.




Incline at Keage 蹴上のインクライン free of charge
The inclines at Keage district, fourth station from Karasuma-Oike on subway Tozai line, is lined with cherry trees. You can visit Nanzenji Zen temple next to the inclines as well.


Yamashina and Bishamondo Temple 山科疎水と毘沙門堂 free of charge
Yamashina district is located in the east part of Kyoto, border to Shiga Pref.
It is easy to get there just to take subway Tozai line from Karasuma Oike or Kyotoo City Hall Station.
Yamashina Hydrophobic is worthy to visit to see the color combination of cherry blossoms and canola flowers.
Bishamondo Temple nearby is free to enter the temple ground and see a magnificent weeping cherry tree in front of the main hall.



Ninnaji Temple 仁和寺 ¥500
There is a beautiful sakura garden with many Omuro-sakura particularly smaller size than regular cherry trees. Cherry blossoms and five-story pagoda located behind of sakura garden are the best subject of a picture.
They usually bloom from the middle of April.


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