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Kyoto is a birth place of traditional arts, crafts and performances of Japan,
and has been maintaining its tradition with the coming of the new age.
Here GTK'd like to introduce the monthly art highlights, museums, creators etc.

Masterpieces of Kosan-ji Temple

-commemorating the Restoration of the National Treasure
Scrolls of Frolicking Animals and Humans

Copyright@ 国宝 鳥獣人物戯画(甲巻)平安時代 高山寺蔵 後期展示場面

Copyright@ 国宝 鳥獣人物戯画(甲巻)平安時代 高山寺蔵 後期展示場面

This exhibition is featuring the famous and most beloved scrolls named Choju-giga (Frolicking Animals and Humans), owned by Kosan-ji Temple. These scrolls were drawn about 800 years ago, but author is unknown. Some animals on the scroll such as frogs, rabbits, monkeys and some imaginary animals were drawn funny, their gestures were like a human. This is the reason why this scrolls were recognized as the first manga.
These scrolls are repaired through the four years and completed last year.
This time, not only these scrolls but also the treasure works related to Kosan-ji Temple are being displayed to commemorate the restoration.

  • October 7th ~ November 24th, 9:30-18:00 (entry by 17:30) 9:30-20:00 on Friday (entry by 19:30), Closed on Monday *When Monday is a national holiday, the museum will be opened on Monday and closed on Tuesday.
  • Kyoto National Museum, Meiji Kotokan (The Main Hall)
  • ¥1500/adult, ¥1200/Univ. students, ¥900/High School students. Admission free for under middle school students


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