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Kyoto is a birth place of traditional arts, crafts and performances of Japan,
and has been maintaining its tradition with the coming of the new age.
Here GTK'd like to introduce the monthly art highlights, museums, creators etc.

Taira-no-Kiyomori Exhibition

Copyright: [大原御幸図屏風] 江戸時代 文化庁蔵 〔通期〕

Copyright: [重要文化財 鳥羽院御願 毘沙門天立像] 平安時代 峰定寺像 〔通期〕

Taira-no-Kiyomori is famous for the first samurai who established the age of samurai after the decline of the nobles in the end of Heian era (the 12th century).
His family was based at the Rokuhara area in Kyoto (between Gojo and Shichijo), therefore some famous temples around this area such as Sanjusangen-do, Rokuharamitsu-ji etc. are related to Taira-no-Kiyomori. Itsukushima-jinjya Shrine in Hiroshima was also built by Kiyomori. In this exhibition, related fine arts, handiworks and some materials had been kept in the temples will be displayed.

  • June 16th ~ July 17th, 10:00-18:00, closed on Monday
  • The Museum of Kyoto
  • ¥1200

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